Basically me in all episodes of season 4. (via dilaurentis-queen)
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i don’t think Jeff Davis quite understands this fandom’s love for Lydia Martin

teen wolf is getting worse every episode and it’s depressing me


#fbf them early beach days 🏊🏄👙

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Watching other people do this is entertaining but no chance I’m doing it haha. Fair play to my Lil bro :) #ALSicebucketchallenge


Catching some waves the other week 🏄 (at Tramore Beach)

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🍦The most pitifully amount of sprinkles. #firstworldproblems (at Killkenny Town)

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Kilkenny bound 🚊 (at Heuston Station)

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Photoboothing. ✌ The border is obnoxious. #firstworldprobs

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How cute is Sersh’s hair today. #verycute #hairbyme 😁👍💁

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